Intelligent Solutions


Manual Lead Management Strategies at its best.

We offer our Specialists as a Service, combining Human Intelligence with Technology to optimise your Sales Pipeline.

What we do

Quzera is a top-notch B2B digital marketing service provider trusted by a number of businesses around the world for over 10 years. Backed by excellent research teams and smart marketing technology, we help you target higher rates of conversion and thus better sales.

Sales Managers


Evaluate and update my database

Build a list of my target prospects

Fill up my sales pipeline

White-space for company


Business Owners


Launch and promote my new business

Reach out to new customers

Renew relationship with old customers

Improve brand presence



Our Mission

To be the digital platform in bringing businesses face to face.

Our Essence

Combining human intelligence with smart marketing technology.

Our Promise

High quality and tailor-made solutions, delivered.

Our Motto

Build and sustain healthy relationships, always.

Who we are serving

Our services are utilised by companies of different sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies & covered a wide range of industries and geographic areas.

Jai & his team have been a lifesaver for my sanity! Being in business often requires us to wear many hats, but that doesn’t mean that every hat fits us well. When it came to the technical aspects, that is not where I wanted to be spending my time, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I met Jai. Not only has he taken certain aspects off my plate so that I could focus on what I truly love in my business, but he also went above and beyond to ensure that him and his team got me the best support for the all business needs I required. Jai, I truly appreciate your initiative, patience, knowledge, and desire to be of best service. Thank you! I look forward to our continued business relationship.


Trisha Savoia
Absolute Awareness
B.Ed, CHt, Life & Parent Coach

Jai and his team are simply great to work with. Jai’s background helps him immediately understand what the project requires, he stays in regular contact via reports, IM or email, gets work done ahead of time, and if something is not correct, fixes it; without question. He has been our secret weapon as we’ve grown our business.


Pamela Swingley
Mobile PRM
Cheif Executive Officer

Jai and his team do accurate and timely work every single time for me. I have done numerous projects with them and they are always responsive, dedicated to my satisfaction, and quick to complete the work. I highly recommend them.


Roark Janis
ASP Global Services
VP Product Management

Quzera has been a great partner for me and a highly valuable part of my consulting network. There are certain projects that I will only give to Jai and his team because I know they will be accomplished correctly and with the highest regard for accuracy. In my work, accuracy is critical, and I have come to really appreciate the quality of work that comes from Quzera.


David Grenham
GovAssociates, Washington, DC