About Us

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CEO say's,

I strongly believe in Healthy Relationships. I did not start a business but a means to connect with new people each day. 

Our History

Our Journey started in 2005…

After two years of providing various Data services for clients, we managed to achieve a strong foundation in Digital Marketing field. With more than 10 years in this field ****

With our expertise across a wide range of B2B verticals, we have now provided our services to companies of different sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies & covered a wide range of industries and geographic areas. 

About our Team

Our team is build of Skilled Researchers, Google Certified Professionals and efficient Team & Project Managers.

We focus on a better approach to work. We believe work fuelled by passion and determination will always outstand and we emphasize on delivering the best. 

Researcher’s words,

Every one of us are personally mentored by our CEO,  so we think alike and work alike. 

Our Management

We work towards efficieny


Jayakumar Nagoorlingam

Founder & CEO

Madhu Jayakumar

Co-Founder & COO

Divya Sivanantham

Project Leader

Arul Pandi

Project Leader

Fun Facts

Ever since our inception, 70% of our clients have been recurrently and continually engaged in our services!

Our first ever client & employee is still with us!

We have served more than 500 clients over 4 continents!

We designed our logo with one of you face!

We love entertainments and its our restart button.